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Leadership and Professional Development

As a motivated professional, you recognize the importance of mastering relevant competencies. Managing your time, perfecting your communication, honing your emotional intelligence and mitigating conflict are just a sample of the crucial abilities that will propel you to becoming a transformational leader. Leadership training with New Horizons Phoenix can help make that happen.

New Horizons Phoenix Leadership and Professional Development courses focus on the practical expertise and competencies that you need to further your professional development, enhancing your proficiency in key areas.

Finding a Career Development Path That's Right for You

To help guide you, our Leadership & Professional Development training has been organized into Career Paths and Job Roles to help you chart a development path that fits your distinct needs and goals for the future. Check out our leadership, professional development, and management training programs below.

Additional Resources & Materials Included with Courses

Dozens of post-course reinforcement materials - including eBooks, short videos, tools, templates and assessments to continue your development long after you have returned to your organization.

New Horizons’ Development Training Awarded "Excellent" Designation

The Learning & Performance Institute (LPI), a leading authority in learning efficacy, recently awarded New Horizons Computer Learning Centers its highest designation of "Excellent". This comes as a result of a rigorous assessment that found that New Horizons’ development training offers real-world validation with top-rated materials, the highest standard of delivery, and a superb learning experience across its entire suite of Leadership & Professional Development training courses.

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