Reinvent yourself webinar series

Reinvent Yourself Webinar Series
A Special Webinar Series for Unique Times

We hope you and your family are safe and healthy! This may be the only time we are truly all experiencing the same thing, the same fears, the same uncertainties – at the same time, in real time!

The global virus crisis has created an unprecedented level of disruption. Jobs are being lost in a wide range of business sectors. New Horizons of Phoenix, as an experienced and globally recognized adult technical training organization, is uniquely poised to assist our community with information and guidance reaped from over two decades helping students get jobs in the technology sector.

New Horizons of Phoenix is offering all seats in these special events at NO COST, thank you for your 28 years of support!

Join us for the “Reinvent Yourself Webinar Series”! A series of informative and engaging presentations focusing on how you can reinvent yourself to stand out in your job application process.

Webinars are scheduled once a week starting Thursday, April 23 through Wednesday, May 13.

Sign up today and attend one or more of these important events. Click on any of the webinar names above to register.

Call New Horizons Phoenix today to find out more and to discuss what other options New Horizons can offer you to succeed in these unique times.