Monday, September 22, 2014

Microsoft Office 16 Boasts Changes

Microsoft Office 16 Boasts Changes

With word of Windows 9 slowly beginning to creep out, it only makes sense that details surrounding the next Microsoft Office would, as well. The Verge has posted screenshots that are purportedly from the sixteenth incarnation of Microsoft Office. The Verge contributor Tom Warren stated that there is a preview of the software currently making the rounds with some testers and partners that features some familiar albeit adapted assets - like an assistant reminiscent of the paperclip Clippy that has proven successful in touch versions known as Tell Me.

"Tell Me sits at the top of documents as a type of help and search tool," Warren wrote. "It's similar in function to Clippy, providing a quick way to discover features and ask questions without digging into the vast help documentation found in Office. There's no animated character like Clippy, just a simple bulb icon to indicate its presence in documents. Asking questions like 'how do I insert images?' will bring up relevant features and additional help."

Regardless of whatever changes end up making their way into the final version, it will be important to stay up to date. This may require pursuing Microsoft training that is rooted in programs like Excel. Those professionals who wish to stay relevant in the workplace need to sharpen their Microsoft skills sooner rather than later.


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