Monday, April 4, 2016

Make The Best Use Of Worksheet Hyperlinks

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When you think of worksheet hyperlinks, you probably think of website links. There's another great use for hyperlinks in your workbook that you might not use to its full potential: internal links. You can create a hyperlink that takes you to another location within the same workbook when you click on it.

For example, if your workbook contains an Overview worksheet, which refers to more detailed data in other worksheets within the same workbook, you might want to allow users to quickly jump to that data.

How to create an internal hyperlink in Excel:

  1. Launch Excel and open the workbook to which you want to add an internal hyperlink.
  2. Select the cell you want to make your hyperlink.
  3. Choose Insert | Hyperlink from the menu bar or press [Ctrl][K] to open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.
  4. Click the Place In This Document icon on the left.
  5. Specify the text you want the linked cell to display in the Text To Display text box.
  6. Enter a cell reference for your hyperlink destination in the Type The Cell Reference text box and choose a worksheet from the list box. Note that any named ranges in the workbook are also available as hyperlink destinations.
  7. Click OK to create the hyperlink.

Now when a user clicks on the cell that contains the specified text, the active cell jumps to your specified destination. 

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