How to Grow Your Cybersecurity Career with an A+ certification

Looking for cybersecurity jobs? Get CompTIA A+ certified

Now is a fantastic time to grow or begin your career in cybersecurity. As more companies go remote to work through COVID-19, both employers and employees face higher and newer risks of becoming the victim of a cybercrime. That means plenty of cybersecurity employment opportunities in the field in the long and short term.

As a whole, the IT security field is growing rapidly and is projected to increase by 28% from 2016 to 2026. So how to become one of those candidates? You’ll need some skills and certifications. 

One certification you must have to get started: CompTIA A+ Certification.

Why should I get CompTIA A+ certified? 

CompTIA is one of the top trade associations in the IT industry, and its A+ certification is an internationally recognized, vendor-neutral certification that most employers consider a prerequisite for entry-level IT employment. 

Earning your CompTIA A+ Certification has many benefits. With the A+ certification, you can learn new skills to expand your job prospects, set yourself up to preserve your current job, and stand out from the rest of the pack if you’re looking to change your career.

If you’re not sure what certifications you need for your career, asking yourself a few key questions will help you determine your path.

What are the benefits of earning an CompTIA A+ certification?

The A+ certification is your first step in broadening your knowledge in the world of IT. As mentioned above, opportunities in the IT field only continue to grow, and these skills will be invaluable. Plus, IT positions, and especially cybersecurity positions, usually pay well.

IT salaries tend to hover around $50k per year, but specialized positions like systems administrators and IT analysts are closer to $80k per year. Cybersecurity positions have excellent salary growth potential, with information security managers making between $125k to $215k and cybersecurity analysts earning between $90k and $160k.

Of course, you might not make that right away, but getting a CompTIA A+ certification is the first step toward that earning power.

What do our A+ certification course cover?

Here are just some of the skills that you’ll learn upon successful completion of your CompTIA A+ certification: 

  • Identify hardware components of PCs, laptops, and mobile devices

  • Identify networking and security fundamentals

  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot display devices

  • Install and configure peripheral components

  • Manage system components

The certification covers even more; you can learn more about those skills here and see a full course outline here.

What are the prerequisites for A+ certification?

None! Just study and take two exams: CompTIA+ Part 1 and Part 2

Can I take the certification courses and exams online? 

Yes! We offer these certification courses, which last five days, live online. We offer A+ certification courses at least once a month, so you can easily choose your most convenient time.

What happens after an A+ certification?

There are many paths you can take to grow your knowledge and your IT career, and we offer dozens of courses to help you design your perfect fit. If you’re interested in cybersecurity, CompTIA has a few cybersecurity certifications that you can pursue, as well as other fundamental and specialized certifications


Author: Ellis Fitch

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