How to Find Remote IT Jobs

If there’s one thing that the COVID pandemic showed the American workforce, it’s that working from home is not only possible, it can be glorious. No pants? No worries! You can still do your job, make a living, and ditch that soul-crushing commute.

IT professionals especially have had to make a lot of adjustments both for themselves and for the dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) of coworkers suddenly adjusting to using technology remotely. Heroes, all.

An advantage of being in IT is that country-wide, infrastructure is being continually virtualized and remote tooling is so capable that being on-site is really only required for physical installations. Everything can be done in a web portal, including serious network and server configurations, implementations, and scaling.

If you’re in IT and have decided that the remote work life suits you, there are tons of opportunities for you to work remotely. Let’s look at some of the IT jobs most suited to working remotely; we’ll also share tips for finding and getting hired for remote IT positions. 


The best remote IT jobs

Let’s preface “best” by noting that the “best” job is the job you want, where you have a good salary, do work you enjoy, and have the cultural and workload balance ideal to you. Some kinds of IT jobs are more suited to working remotely, and here are some of them:



Cybersecurity analysts generally have to monitor systems in multiple locations anyway, so doing so remotely doesn’t change your ability to do your job. Penetration testers, especially those who work for organizations that are heavily cloud-based, can do much of their work remotely as well. For positions higher in the food chain, like an IT project manager or security engineer, there may be some face-to-face meeting requirements, however teleconferencing has largely solved this issue.

Help desk

Help desk jobs are fantastic IT jobs that also allow for remote work. You can respond to employee or customer requests wherever you are and often a simple screen share or detailed walkthrough can solve OS or software issues. And because most help desks run with ticket systems, it’s easy to track what you need to do and who you need to help.  


As technicians that keep the technical aspects of an organization running smoothly, DevOps professionals are in high demand. They’re also critical to organizations with any sort of technical bent because DevOps acts as the bridge between developers and operations. Because you can build systems from anywhere and work with your stakeholders over video conferencing, DevOps professionals have it made when it comes to remote work.

Software development

Software devs and engineers have been in high demand for years and have been on the leading edge of the workforce who work remotely, because it doesn’t matter where you are when you’re building new product features or troubleshooting bugs. 

System administrator

Especially in cloud-native companies, systems administrators are able to maintain infrastructure and manage machines from anywhere in the world. 

How to find a remote IT position

Googling “remote IT jobs” will show you a lot of results. How do you know which ones are legit? Here are some of the best online job boards for sourcing remote IT jobs. Just filter for your desired area or position: 

We Work Remotely





Online IT certifications

If you’re looking to get in the IT game, or to move up from where you are, education and growth is key. The remote job hunt can be competitive, so the more relevant and up-to-date skills and certifications you have, the more desirable a candidate you will be. Whether you’re looking at CompTIAcybersecurityDevOps, or other professional certifications, you can do it all online.

The process of getting hired for a remote job isn’t that much different than getting hired for an in-person job, so make sure you brush up on your interview skills and prepare yourself for a technical test. 

If you work with New Horizons Phoenix for your certifications, we offer free job placement services, so we can get you on your remote job path even faster.

Author: Ellis Fitch

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