Help Team Productivity With SharePoint

We know that as “work” changes with society and technology, we as individuals and as teams will have to grow. There are many tools out there to help teams and individuals become more agile and more productive. One of them is Microsoft SharePoint, a collaboration and document management tool.

Let’s look at what a SharePoint certification can do to make IT teams more knowledgeable and productive. We’ll also discover how SharePoint training can increase productivity for non-technical teams.

What is Microsoft SharePoint, and how is it used?

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration tool. SharePoint allows users to store and manage documents, schedule projects, host files, and more. Because Sharepoint is so customizable, it can streamline document storage for projects, leading to more effective collaboration across your organization.  

SharePoint is a cloud-based app allowing users to connect through a browser, not their desktop. It also integrates across the Office 365 suite for easy use.

How can SharePoint increase productivity?

Effectively sharing across teams is a core component of productivity. SharePoint has a robust analytics capability that tracks things like how many people view specific pages or if searches yield correct results. Without configuration, teams can view:

  • Most searched items. 
  • Site collection usage statistics.
  • Site usage statistics.
  • Search query statistics.
  • Zero-result queries.

Because SharePoint is so widely used, it integrates with many other tools that are likely already in your tech stack. For example, you can sync Salesforce reports that update immediately into SharePoint. You can even integrate with Dropbox for easier collaboration with contractors. And of course, no surprise, SharePoint integrates with Microsoft 365 applications like Microsoft Office 365.

Document management is one of the most common uses of SharePoint; no more searching for the latest document versions, worrying over version control, or wondering who has what document. SharePoint provides a central hub for all relevant documents.

That said, it can be confusing for employees who do not have technical backgrounds to get the hang of a new tool. That’s why certifications, whether through SharePoint online training or in-person classes, can help teams work smarter and faster.  

SharePoint site user courses help users learn how to interact with SharePoint sites, store, access, and share documents. Plus, they can learn to manage other Office apps, like Teams and Outlook, with SharePoint. This saves employees time throughout the day that adds up!  

Non-technical employees can also learn to be a SharePoint site owner or advanced site owner. Being a site owner empowers users and team leaders to create their sites, configure document libraries, grant permissions, and implement workflows. This puts less work on IT teams and enables teams to be both self-sufficient and more productive. 

How to become certified in managing SharePoint

IT teams in SharePoint organizations must be experts in the tool. The better your IT team configures SharePoint and helps users, the more value the team will provide.  And millions of organizations use SharePoint; a SharePoint certification will make team members more valuable at their current jobs. It will also prepare them for the future and help them feel your company values them enough to invest in their growth.

Getting a certification in managing SharePoint helps IT professionals learn to manage site storage limits, user profiles and apps, and security. The course also shows how to plan and configure searches as well as managing metadata. This is crucial to making SharePoint work for your organization — if no one can find anything, they won’t want to use it!

Getting certified in managing SharePoint only takes three days — a short time to upskill your team. Within those three days, your teams will be ready to ace their certification exams. New Horizons offers SharePoint training in Phoenix and SharePoint courses across the country. And for Summer 2021, we are offering buy one, get one free on all our certification classes. Enter SUMMERSKILLUP in your cart at checkout!


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