Employees With CompTIA Certifications Are More Prepared Than Their Peers

CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security+ certifications are some of the best indicators for IT employee value. CompTIA certifications are widely recognized as proof of IT support skills. Whether you’re hiring CompTIA certified staff or getting your team certified, you’re ensuring  the efficiency and performance of your whole team. 

There has never been a better time to upskill your teams with CompTIA certifications. Businesses are bolstering their cloud infrastructure and expanding remote work capabilities and these certs are critical to these goals.  Here are the direct performance results of employees with a CompTIA certification. 


More knowledge with less experience

When comparing IT support staff with less than a year of experience, those with a CompTIA certification have 52% more core domain knowledge than non-certified staff with three years of experience. And when you look at IT staff with at least 10 years of experience in support, those with a CompTIA certification have 25% more core domain knowledge than peers with the same tenure but no certification.

You can add literal years of experience to your team in a matter of days by getting them CompTIA A+ or CompTIA Security+ certified. 


Certified IT teams are more confident

Confidence might sound like a squishy performance indicator, but confident professionals are more likely to be forward-thinking and proactive. CompTIA Security+ certified staff are 85% more likely to believe that the knowledge and skills they have will allow them to successfully do their jobs. This means they are more confident in assessing risk, designing and implementing interventions, and correcting policy weaknesses.

In a survey of IT staff, 60% of those with a CompTIA Security+ certification said their IT security abilities matched their responsibilities. For those without that certification, less than 40% said their abilities matched their responsibilities.

Which security team would you want?

CompTIA-certified IT pros outperform their peers

In many aspects of their job, CompTIA certified IT professionals perform their job better than their non-certified peers — in fact, IT security professionals perform 53% better in evaluating and responding to security attacks within 24 hours of learning about them. CompTIA certified support staff configure PCs or notebooks for automatic patches and update management 30% better than those who have not been CompTIA certified.

Those with CompTIA certifications are better and faster at repairing network device malfunctions, deploying networking devices quickly, assessing network vulnerabilities, and ensuring hardware complies with security policy. 

Ongoing training yields results

Without ongoing training, IT staff performance degrades by 25% over four years. That’s a noticeable, measurable decline in performance, a decline that can have organization-wide impacts; enterprise success is heavily dependent on the success of their IT organization. IT orgs play a major role in how companies succeed in the future, from ensuring better automation, harnessing artificial intelligence, managing corporate security threats, and integrating networks to digitize the business. 

In short, organizations simply cannot afford mediocre IT staff. It is crucial to provide ongoing training and knowledge to lead to better outcomes org-wide. 


Get your teams CompTIA certified

The CompTIA A+ certifications are crucial to your IT team’s performance — and the overall goals of your organization. For just a few days of training, you could add “years” of experience and performance to your teams. Book CompTIA A+ certifications here and CompTIA Security+ certifications here, or set up a private class for your teams.

Author: Ellis Fitch

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