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CompTIA certifications help to build careers

Tech professionals need to possess

For IT professionals, it is important to have a diverse array of certificates - especially from vendors. But having general training outside of specific qualifications helps to cover a wider variety of bases when applying for new positions. This is where help from a CompTIA certification can really come in handy.

"CompTIA certificates are some of the most essential distinctions that tech professionals need to possess."

There are a great deal of different CompTIA certifications available today, and each one of them has relevance for a different sector of IT. It can benefit tech professionals immensely to pursue more than one, according to information security professional Allan Pratt.

"A CompTIA A+ certification will open doors as an entry-level computer repair and maintenance technician," Pratt wrote on Quora. "Once inside a company's IT department, continue to obtain other certifications, specifically CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+. Those other two CompTIA certs will make you valuable to employers."

CompTIA certificates are some of the most essential distinctions that tech professionals need to possess. While experience and skill are more often than not tantamount to doing well on the job, certification from CompTIA will help people to get their foot in the door. This is because of CompTIA's recognition as one of the basic building blocks of an IT career.

CompTIA a good place to start for hopeful network admins
CompTIA certificates have been respected for years as proof of comprehension and skill among IT pros.‚Äč One specific subsection of the field that is seen a great deal of help from CompTIA is networking. According to network administrator and Quora contributor Matthew West, one of the best certificates to start with in this profession is Network+ certification.

Healthcare IT technical operations manager Bill Driver wrote on Quora that CompTIA Network+ is an excellent foundation for a career as a network administrator.

"Personally I would start with CompTIA Network+ as a vendor agnostic approach to network administration," Driver stated. "The concepts are a straight forward approach to network troubleshooting and design."

Diverse certificates are important
While CompTIA distinctions are an essential part of the professional IT equation, they are not the only aspect. Those who are working in tech need to make sure that they have vendor-specific training like the kind available from Cisco and Microsoft - two major players in the enterprise IT world. Being able to specifically understand the systems that are commonly used by businesses around the world will help many people to get a leg up in their career.

But this should not understate the importance of having a firm, neutral foundation. This shows organizations in the market for new talent that a job candidate understands the basics and the common threads that make up business technology today. For those workers who are looking to make themselves as valuable as possible to prospective employers while building the longevity of their careers, CompTIA certificates are the way to go. These distinctions illustrate the importance of fundamentals in various tech professions.

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