Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Businesses and the Rush to Acquire Big Data Analytics

Most companies have found themselves relying on the internet world for the many business functions and with this; the information being created continues to grow. This increases the data that companies generate during their day to day activities and this is through the;

  • High velocity
  • High volume
  • High variety information

This big data goes on to demand cost effectiveness together with the various original forms of information processing that are needed for helpful decision making and the enhancing of insight. Since the age of big data is eventually here, the rush for big data analytics is on. This is because that is what the future has in store for businesses and figuring out how to control it is vital for the smooth running of businesses.

Creation of IT Jobs

Because of the rush in acquiring big data analytics, the IT job market has created new job postings and because of this, an estimate of it has come up which states that by the year 2015, a total of four million IT jobs will have been created. This is why IT individuals who are currently training in regards to the knowledge of big data tools do have an advantage in the technology workforce and this will go a long way in advancing their skill sets.

New Horizons of Phoenix computer learning centers offer courses and exams for individuals hoping to start an IT career or professionals hoping to gain new skills. Company IT training is also available for companies that wish to train their current IT employees to meet the needs of an ever-changing business environment.


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