5 Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys you Need to Know

Microsoft Excel is one of those revolutionary programs that has completely changed the face of business. With far-reaching applications ranging from payroll to budget creation, having some Excel training under your belt is a great skill to have in this job market. In fact, for many jobs it's a requirement. A study from Burning Glass Technologies found that about 78 percent of middle-skill positions require digital talents such as spreadsheet knowledge.

Obviously, if you want to actually put those skills to good use, you'll need to go through advanced Microsoft Excel training courses such as the ones offered by New Horizons. That being said, learning a few tips and tricks before you enroll can't hurt. Microsoft has a really long list of shortcuts listed here, but we want to help you out by picking our favorites. So, to boost your knowledge of this amazing technology, here are five Microsoft Excel shortcut keys for the PC you absolutely need to know:

1. CTRL + Page Down/Up

Microsoft Excel is all about efficiency, and this quick shortcut exemplifies this to the fullest. When you're in your Excel spreadsheet, hitting CTRL + Page Down allows you to jump to the next worksheet, while doing the same with Page Up allows you to jump to the previous one. This nifty keystroke has a million different uses and is great for checking discrepancies between multiple worksheets.

                                                    "Scrolling is for suckers."

2. CTRL + arrow direction

This shortcut is great for navigating really long spreadsheets with easy. By simply holding CTRL and hitting down arrow, you are instantly transported to the top of the spreadsheet. Doing the same with the up arrow will jump you to the top of the page that you're currently working on, and this function also works for the left and right arrow. Scrolling is for suckers, and using the arrow keys takes entirely too long. This neat little trick will not only save you time, it'll save you some sanity.

3. CTRL + T

This one's great for Excel workers that spend a lot of time putting tables into their spreadsheets. By hitting CTRL + T, Excel will open up the Create Table box for you. You can also do this by clicking a bunch of options, but who has the time to do that? You're already using Excel to make your life easier, just let Microsoft do all the heavy lifting for you.

4. CTRL + F

Stop wasting your life scanning your Excel spreadsheet looking for that one specific term you can't seem to find. CTRL + F has the answer to all of your queries. Simply type in this shortcut and you'll be given the Find and Replace box, with the Find function already open. The great thing about this one is that it isn't just contained to Microsoft software. You can even use this while you're surfing the Internet, and it even works in many PDFs.

          Stop the headaches of not finding what you're looking for with CTRL + F.

5. F1

There's nothing wrong with asking for help from time to time. It's probably why you're reading this in the first place. This software is so complicated that there are entire Excel training courses devoted to teaching people the ins and outs of this complex spreadsheet program. So when you run into a problem and don't know what to do, don't panic. Simply tap F1 to open the Microsoft Office Excel Help task panel. Who knows how to operate Microsoft Excel better than Microsoft?

As we said, this is obviously just a taste of the knowledge that a true Microsoft Excel training course can give you. There's just so much to learn about Microsoft Excel shortcut keys that simply can't be contained in a single article. If you'd like to find out how you can benefit from Excel training, make sure to check out the New Horizons Microsoft Excel certification course.

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