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5 Business Certifications That Can Help You Get Ahead

Those within the business sector can certainly benefit from these top certifications.


Business is a rapidly changing field. Regardless of industry or location, those who can't keep up with the latest trends and skills are often left in the dust. Therefore, it's imperative that anyone within the business world ensures they're staying up to date, and one of the best ways to do this is to earn a professional business certification from a trusted partner. 


New Horizons is widely regarded as one of the best in IT certification training, but we also offer courses geared toward bettering business practices. To that end, let's take a quick peak at the five top business certifications that can help ensure you aren't left behind.


1. Certified Business Analysis Professional

Decisions made within a company generally don't happen quickly. Making a move that could alter business operations demands intense study and review, which is why it's so important to have employees who are skilled in the art of analysis. This need for trained individuals was behind the creation of the Certified Business Analysis Professional certification. 

"Decisions made within a company generally don't happen quickly."

CBAP holders build on a foundation of skills already gathered through thousands of hours of hard work and dedication. In order to earn this certification, participants must have 7,500 hours of business analysis work under their belts. On top of this, they need a minimum of 21 hours of Professional Development completed in the last four years and at least two references from professionals that can attest to their expertise. 

Along with increasing the efficiency of your company's projects, completing this course will also help you increase your earning potential. Being able to rigorously analyze a plan and make improvements is a valuable skill, and employers are very much willing to pay for professionals with this top business certification.


2. Certified Associate in Project Management

Once an analysis of a project yields a productive plan to move forward, it's time to get started on the task at hand. That said, the complexity of most modern business actions generally means that ensuring a large group of people are constantly working toward the same goal is a lot easier said than done. Each employee may have a different view of what their role in the matter is, which is why it's vitally important that a project manager take control of the situation. 

That said, filling the shoes of a project manager takes a decent amount of knowledge on how to effectively and efficiently regulate how work is getting done. Thankfully, those wishing to move into this field don't have to start from scratch. New Horizons offers the Certified Associate in Project Management course that can help you get ready to manage complex projects. This is a top business certification that teaches you all of the ins and outs of beginning your project management career.

In order to qualify for this professional business certification, you'll need to have 1,500 hours of work experience or a minimum of 23 hours in Project Management training. 


3. Project Management Professional

However, due to the chaotic nature of modern project management, one certification isn't enough for some. This field demands a lot of the employees that choose to work in it, and that therefore requires a good deal of training. Those with previous experience in the sector should opt for the Project Management Professional certification. 

Not only will this course teach you advanced skills and provide you a deep understanding of complex concepts within project management, but it also shows employers that you are an experienced professional. Putting years of work in the field down on a resume often isn't enough, especially in a field that has such stiff competition. However, being able to say that you have received an actual certification is proof that you have attained unique expertise in the field. 

The reason for this is that just to apply for a PMP certification, you already need to have spent quite a lot of time within project management. Those with a 4-year college degree need 4,500 hours of experience leading projects as well as a minimum of 35 hours of education within the sector. Those working with a high school or associate's degree need just as much education but also require 7,500 hours of experience. However, once you've received your professional business certification, you can rest assured that your status as a qualified project manager will be cemented. 


4. Salesforce

Salesforce is a revolutionary software that has enabled businesses around the world to better track every single step of the sales process, from potential customers that should be logged for future reference to supporting the clients you already have. What's more, the fact that this platform is cloud-based means that employees can access mission-critical information regardless of where they are. 

Although Salesforce is built to be highly intuitive, receiving training in how to properly use it allows people to make massive strides in terms of what they can do. What's more, New Horizons offers Salesforce certifications that stretch across a wide variety of users. Everyone from developers to administrative staff to end users can receive training that can boost their ability to work with this platform in a way that is both productive and effective. 


5. Six Sigma

The biggest key to success in running a business is keeping operations efficient and effective. This often means trimming down and what isn't necessary and building on what is, but the problem here is that telling the two apart isn't always easy. This is why the Six Sigma methodology was developed. 

This approach works by discovering paint points in a company's current model and cutting away these errors in order to avoid any mishaps down the road. It's an incredibly complex system, but once mastered, it does wonders for a companies productivity levels. Decision-makers looking to improve the functionality of their organization can absolutely benefit from Six Sigma certifications from New Horizons. 

There are two levels of completion that students can achieve. The Green Belt certification is for those that perform duties within a project on a part-time basis. While this training is certainly going to help employees increase efficiency, it's the Black Belt level where things really start to get interesting. This certification allows students to learn complex critical thinking and problem solving skills in a way that will allow them to better their company's operations. 


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