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3 reasons to get a Microsoft certification

Microsoft is at the forefront of innovation

The world of IT is a constantly shifting landscape. Technologies and the companies that provide them come and go, but there are few powerhouses quite like Microsoft. This organization has survived crashes and tech bubbles for one main reason: They make quality products. 

Businesses know this, and it's why Microsoft's wide variety of products and services are used by these institutions on a regular basis. What's more, many organizations will often associate this reputation for reliability and effectiveness with a person who has obtained a Microsoft certification. 

On that note, let's take a look at some of the work Microsoft has done, and what that means for someone who wants to get a Microsoft certification.

1. Microsoft is at the forefront of innovation

"Microsoft's success stems from its ability to stay current."

Microsoft's success stems from its ability to stay current with what consumers and entire enterprises need out of their technology. At the moment, this translates to a more efficient use of the Azure cloud platform. While this service has been gaining a lot of ground on Amazon Web Services, a recent development may help increase the service's market size even more. 

GeekWire's Dan Richman reported that the Microsoft Azure cloud will be previewing what the company is calling Analysis Services. Basically, this new feature allows companies to take information gathered from multiple sources – including Microsoft, Oracle and Teradata – and extrapolate conclusions from it. Unlike other analytical tools, this enables businesses to access information from all kinds of sources, which allows for a lot of data diversity. 

2. Office 365 is a success

The Microsoft Office line of products has always been a major part of conducting business. However, with a switch to a subscription model with a cloud-based platform, the company is seeing a massive uptick in Office 365 purchases. 

To begin with, average consumers have really begun to sink their teeth into this technology. A chart posted on The Motley Fool showed that Q1 2016 Office 365 subscriptions are nearly three times higher than they were at the same time in 2015

At the same time, Microsoft has begun to make Office 365 more appealing for enterprise clients. The company has already started making smarter features for the product. 

3. The company is poised for continued greatness

What's more, it looks like Microsoft's success is going to keep on rolling. The company opened stock trading at more than $60 per share on Oct. 21, 2016, according to CNN. This is a record high for the company, which hasn't happened since 1999. Clearly, Microsoft's past work has started to catch up with it, and there's been no better time than now to ride this wave of success. 

Regardless of if you go with Microsoft Certification Training such as Azure cloud or a more generalized Microsoft Office certification, you'll know that you have working knowledge pertaining to one of the best technology companies out there right now. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers can help get you the training and skills you need to have a successful career. 


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