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3 IT jobs the world desperately needs

High demand jobs and skills right now

While all jobs serve some kind of purpose – the position wouldn't be paid anything if it wasn't valuable – some careers are simply more useful than others. This is especially true in the IT world, where the intense complexity of modern technology has forced certain workers to specialize to an incredible degree. While this specialization certainly takes time and effort, the end result is an individual with the ability to affect real change in his or her workplace.

If you're feeling disengaged at work, one cause may be the fact that you don't feel valued. As such, a switch toward a more desperately needed profession may give you the boost you need to truly excel in your career. To that end, let's take a look at some of the most in-demand IT jobs out there, as well as what you need to do in order to achieve such a position. 

1. Disaster Recovery Professional

"All it takes is one major event to knock an organization off its feet."

People who own and operate a business know that disaster is lurking around every corner. Whether it's as loud as a hurricane or as quiet as human error, companies are constantly under threat. What's more, all it takes is one major event to knock an organization off its feet, especially if it isn't large and established yet. According to the Red Cross, around 40 percent of small businesses remain closed following an incident such as a tornado or flood. 

While the physical damage of these kinds of disasters obviously take their toll, the destruction levied against the company's IT infrastructure is often to blame for future operational problems. Not only do companies have to spend an enormous amount of money replacing expensive hardware, they also often have to worry about loss of data. While that first issue is hard to mitigate, the second can be successfully navigated through the reliance on a certified Disaster Recovery Professional. 

These people know all about what a catastrophe can do to a company's IT infrastructure, and their entire job is to ensure this damage is minimized. This means ensuring that the company has a robust data backup routine in place, that employees have access to mission-critical applications should the office be damaged along with 1,001 other considerations. 

Of course, knowing how to prepare for a disaster requires a lot of training, which is why it's important that those who want this growing IT job need get certified. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers offers the EC-Council Disaster Recovery certification that can help you get companies ready for the worst. 

2. Certified Ethical Hacker

Hacking has become a huge problem for modern companies. The world is becoming an ever-increasing technological place, and this means that organizations are storing more valuable data through digital means than ever before. Such actions are bringing cybercriminals out of the woodwork at incredible numbers. According to a joint study from CFO Magazine and Duke University, more than 80 percent of organizations in the U.S. have been hacked. 

While the loss of money and valuable data is obviously a major motivator to stop these kinds of cyberattacks, the main reason companies are looking to up their level of cybersecurity has to do with public image. Being known as the organization that "let itself be hacked" can easily drive customers away, regardless of how the attack was actually pulled off. In fact, a study from Centrify found that two-thirds of consumers in the U.S. were "at least somewhat likely" to move their business to another company following a cyberattack on their main vendor. 

Therefore, companies are willing to pay a good deal of money to ensure their own data as well as any information their customers provide remains secure. This means that cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, and few have the career opportunities that a Certified Ethical Hacker does.

In order to beat a hacker, you have to think like one, and this is exactly what a Certified Ethical Hacker is trained to do. These professionals are contracted by companies to use any means necessary to break the company's defenses. Although the course material is incredibly difficult and demands previous cybersecurity knowledge, this in-demand IT job basically allows you to do all the cool things hackers do without the legal or moral problems.

3. Certified cloud workers

The cloud and the technology it's enabled has completely revolutionized the way companies conduct business. Computing resources once only available to those with the budget and willingness to invest in the hardware are now available to all companies regardless of size. What's more, the scalability of the cloud has allowed businesses to expand and shrink without having to worry about paying for more than they need or outgrowing their current service plan.  Therefore, workers with skills in this field are poised to make a serious impact on the future of technological advancement. 

However, deciding which cloud to work with can be tricky, and it truly depends on what you're trying to get out of your career. In terms of popularity, you'd do well to stick with Amazon Web Services, as this vendor is the undisputed champ of the enterprise cloud game. That said, Microsoft knows how much money is in this technology, and its Azure cloud is growing by leaps and bounds. It certainly wouldn't be surprising to see the Redmond tech giant carve out a larger slice of the cloud pie. 

Certifications can help you improve your job prospects

If you already have some IT experience under your belt, there's a good chance that going back to school for a degree may not be the best option for you. While these kinds of jobs certainly require intense knowledge, those with a few years in the field should certainly look into IT certification programs. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers has a wide variety of computer based training courses that can help you learn just about every IT skill you'd ever need to know. Check out our database of classes to find the certification that's just right for you. 

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