3 IT Certifications That Will Get You Paid

Not only will getting certified be beneficial to your IT skills and career, it will also get you paid a salary you deserve. See our 3 top IT certifications below.

1.  CompTIA Security+
Information security is a vastly understaffed field right now. Not only does that mean that a CompTIA Security certification will help you easily find a job in the field of information security, but also that qualified individuals will be able to demand a higher salary thanks to the widespread need for cybersecurity skills.
Payscale, an online salary and compensation information resource, showed that CompTIA Security+ certification holders have a very bright future ahead of them in terms of payment. This job averages around $70,000 a year just in base salary. However, the entire
career path can start at $35,000 up to $102,000 annually not including bonuses.

2.  Certified Ethical Hacker
A Certified Ethical Hacker certification can land you a penetration tester gig, a job that does exactly what it sounds like it. Penetration testers attempt to crack a company's defenses, finding holes in the security and notifying key officials within the company about where these holes are and how to plug them. This career path is definitely for those with a great deal of curiosity, as it gives CEH professionals the unique opportunity of breaking into a company's network legally. A certified penetration tester
can demand an annual salary ranging between $45,000-$120,000 which doesn't include bonuses for a job well done.

We've saved one of the best - or at least, one of the highest-paying - certifications for last. Certified Information Systems Security Professionals, also known as a CISSP, are some of the highest paid people in the IT world. The reason for this lies in the amount of skill and time necessary to construct a good security system. A security architect, a position that requires a CISSP certification, must know all the details of their company's security network. Again, because these individuals need to be so skilled, they are paid extremely well.
Certified security architects can command an annual salary starting at $50,000 up to $148,000 or more after they get enough experience under their belt.

Jobs in IT, especially in the cybersecurity sector, are now and will continue to be extremely lucrative. Computers and technology are just so deeply ingrained in modern business culture that the people who work with them will always be in high demand. This is why anyone wishing to get paid more should absolutely look into something like a network security certification from New Horizons of Phoenix. New Horizons offers a wide range of high paying IT certifications, from basic computer training to more specific things like CompTIA Certification training.

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